Why Us?

Top Reasons to Buy From Us

We are based in the U.S.

Some of our competitors are located in Germany. This seems to be a logical location, since the clocks are made in Germany. But after further consideration, this is actually a big disadvantage for the customer. Shipping cost for international shipping ranges from $40 to $120. Even if you get free shipping, it is calculated into the clock price. You also may end up paying for duty, which is about 5% of the purchase price, and might be stuck with paperwork as well. And what happens if your clock arrives defective or doesn’t meet your expectations? You have to make calls overseas and ship the clock back to Germany. These costs can add up fast, and what initially looked like a bargain is not that cheap after all.

We stock our clocks in our warehouse.

Because we stock our clocks, we are able to ship faster, react faster if something is wrong with your clock, or exchange your clock quicker in case you don’t like it. We don’t have to rely on a third party importer, like our drop-shipping competition, to make these decisions.

Our competetive prices.

We are closely associated with the manufacturers. We buy the clocks directly from the factory in big quantities and import them ourselves. By omitting import/export agents and distributors, we are able to save you 30% or more.

Dedicated customer service.

We have dealt with cuckoo clocks for many years and know our product well. There are not many problems we can’t solve. If you have a problem with your clock, call customer service at 717-484-1487 or email customerservice@german-cuckoos.com.

30-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your clock, we will refund your money (minus shipping and handling) or arrange an exchange for a different clock of your choice.

Our hassle-free warranty.

We offer a two-year warranty on all our clocks. You don’t even have to pay for shipping back to us to get your clock repaired. Just call or email us, and we will send you a prepaid shipping label.

Parts supply.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks usually last a long time. In the unlikely event that you need a part for your clock after your warranty expires, we can exclusively provide our customers with these parts at wholesale cost.